Concrete Repair Systems
Horizontal Traffic Repairs
Products included in this system
Vetorep ER357

Abrasion resistant epoxy based lining mortar

Vetorep ER356

High build epoxy based repair mortar for vertical and overhead applications

Vetorep ER355

High strength, abrasion resistant epoxy based repair mortar

Vetorep CR526

High strength fine structural repair mortar

Vetorep CR521

High strength structural non-shrink self-compacting micro concrete

Vetorep CR520

(Formerly known as Vetomortar CHR)

High strength structural repair mortar

Featured system
Exterior Anti-carbonation Acrylic Coating System


To protect atmospherically exposed reinforced concrete structures from attack by acid gases, chloride ions, oxygen and water, where there is a danger of subsequent cracks appearing within the substrate.
Suitable to protect all types of structures, cementitious substrates, masonry and aggressive marine and coastal environments.
Protection against exhaust fumes - Carparks.
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